New major release 1.3.5 is avaible. It  contains all changes since major release 1.2 in a nice, coherent package.  Package includes snapshot of documentation from the moment of release, so hopefully inbetween releases changes can be safely made to original documentation and they won’t cause confusion to users of previous versions. There is a simple virtual tour included, which contains panoramas from a real location. Project files have new structure that encourage  making central installation and containing all files that make up given virtual tour under single directory.  There is also suggested a clean way to store consecutive versions of modules and player itself so that new tours could be created with use of most current software without breaking existing virtual tours. Some rebranding has been made, project will be moving away from PanoZona to OpenPano, and possibly away from “Salado” naming. There is new and more functional forum avaible, for anyone interested in contributing and looking for support, old forum will probably soon be read-only. Hopefully deveopment cycle could be shorter now, perhaps with more stress put on integrating existing javascript solutions. Unfortunately my resources are limited and without contributors interested in pushing project forwards  updates won’t be very often.  If you found a bug or are interested in a new feature, give it a go :)

New release is avaible in downloads section, I hope  you enjoy it :)


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Hello world!

First post announcig launch of site!

For now OpenPano is direct continuation of PanoZona project and its main products are SaladoPlayer and SaladoConverter. Hopefully in future it will be broadened with other projects. New project should be  better organised, be more alive and have consitent and more appropriate branding.

Access to MediaWiki will be more restrictive and its role is to be narrowed just for writing and hosting documentation. Copy of current documentation will be included with every release.

Old forum integrated with MediaWiki served its purpose, but it was buggy and annoying, and above all it failed to notify by default about replies in topics. Content of old forum will be gradually extracted into FAQ, after that old forum will be disabled. There is new proper forum avaible at

I strongly encourage for making code contributiuons and help idea of open panoramas stay afloat! :)

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